Also, according to the invitations, guests are encouraged to dress in full redneck attire, which in this case means hot pink, camouflage, or some creative combination of both. [TMZ]

While playing Heathcliff in a made-for-British TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights, Puppy maestro Tom Hardy met his fiancée, Charlotte Riley. Happy ending, yes? NO! They were in a Wuthering Heights movie together — there was bound to be trouble. Their marriage has been put on hold, and according to the rumor-ravenous British press, Hardy has been seen with Noomi Rapace, the original, far more badass Lisbeth Salander. [Telegraph]


Also, Keira Knightley got French-married to James Righton. [AP]

Fashion designer Lulu Guinness blames Kate Middleton for using her shrinking ray on all of Britain’s handbags. [Telegraph]

“Who hasn't dated a gay dude? There were weird things he would say. He once tried on my heels...that was a pretty big indication!" said Gabourey Sidibe when discussing the shock Jason Collins former fiancée expressed at learning Collins is gay. [BET]


Amid security worries, Aerosmith cancelled a concert in Indonesia. [AP]

A celebrated travel writer who is unfortunately not the mild-mannered Michael Palin criticized Bono for being an “ignorant, meddlesome fool” when it comes to Africa. [Telegraph]

Shia LaBeouf gave away “hundreds” of signed, self-produced Stale N Mate comics to unsuspecting strangers walking around in Studio City, Calif. who had no idea they would be enlisted in the effort to dispose of Shia LaBeouf’s garbage. [Twitter, ONTD]

Farrah Abraham commissioned someone to take pictures of her at a pole dancing class because holding onto fame is like holding onto water. [HuffPo]

What’s the best way to get into character if you’re playing Daisy Buchanan in a lavish Baz Luhrmann production of The Great Gatsby? So glad you asked! Professional Daisy impersonator Carey Mulligan said it’s all about feeling really, really rich: “To be wearing literally millions of dollars worth of jewelry every day really lends a quality of elegance, in a way. You feel very kind of expensive when you’re walking about. I’ve never experienced anything like it.” [Detroit Free Press]

New Superman Henry Cavill on the subtle joys of being “fat”: “The 'major bulking' phase came first and that was fun. That meant eating 5,000 calories a day. The best thing about that phase is that you're really strong and even though you don't look great, because you're carrying a lot of extra fat, you're always in a really good mood.'' [Glamour via Contact Music]

Nicole Kidman wants you, movie-going citizen, to take your multivitamins and then join her for a romp in the pasture. [Adweek]

American outlaw Reese Witherspoon turned up at LAX wearing an Atlanta PD baseball cap. [TMZ]

Image via AP, John Bazemore