Swedish Doctors Giving Out Free Dick-Measuring Tape to Ensure Proper Condom Sizing

They say that the best thing a bra-wearing woman can do is be measured by an expert, in order to ensure the most comfortable and supportive fit. Doctors at a clinic in Stockholm seem to be applying that same logic to penises all over the area, as they have begun handing out dick-measuring tape to ensure said penises… »Today 8:00pm11/30/15 8:00pm

Iranian-American Dallas City Official Says He Was Stopped From Boarding Virgin Flight [Updated]

Bobby Abtahi, a Dallas attorney who also serves as the vice-chair of the City Plan Commission, tweeted Monday that Virgin Airlines wouldn’t allow him to board a flight in New York. A crew member told him the captain didn’t feel “comfortable” with him on board. Abtahi, a Dallas native, is Iranian-American. »Today 7:00pm11/30/15 7:00pm

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Robert Dear Could Face Death Penalty 

Alleged Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon. He was present by video conference from the El Paso County Jail, where he is being held without bail. He’s been appointed public defender Dan King, the same attorney who represented Aurora theater… »Today 6:40pm11/30/15 6:40pm

Jessica Jones Has Given Us Marvel's Greatest Live-Action Villain by Far

Marvel’s live-action adaptations have a fantastic track record. Great action, a willingness to taken even some truly bizarre comic book heroes and turn them into relatable figures, and so on. But there’s one area they usually falter in: their villains. That is, until they completely nailed it with Jessica Jones. »Today 3:43pm11/30/15 3:43pm

The Reinvention of Paris Hilton Is Upon Us

Welcome to our new world of po-mo-po-mo ouroboros, in which 2015 has warped into some kind of psychedelic sick joke: Donald Trump is dominating the headlines, Chipotle gives you e.coli, The Walking Dead still hasn’t killed off Carl (or, in Rick parlance, COORAL). Thankfully, there has been at least one constant in… »Today 3:20pm11/30/15 3:20pm

The Best Cyber Monday Apparel Deals 

By now, you know the drill: Hunker down, find a dependable wi-fi connection, and call your boss and tell them you’re too damn sick to come in. It’s Cyber Monday—a.k.a. the internet’s annual discount bacchanalia. Below, we’ve amassed the cream of the crop, separated by price point and ranked by sale. From 50% off at… »Today 2:45pm11/30/15 2:45pm

State Senator Troy Brown Charged with Domestic Abuse, Claims Short Term Memory Loss 

A Louisiana State Senator is being charged with domestic abuse battery against a woman who told police that she has been his “side friend” for a decade. In a statement, the senator acknowledged that an “altercation” took place, but said he did not recall the details due in part to brain damage from a 1991 car accident. »Today 2:40pm11/30/15 2:40pm