The Crowd Went Wild For Hatsune Miku, The Virtual Anime Pop Star

I’ve seen a massive crowd line up around the block to watch an internet-fueled hologram of an anime girl sing. I’ve seen a packed auditorium erupt into a wild cheer for a text-to-speech voice that said: “Hello Seattle.” I’ve seen our present day, in all its bracing cyberpunk wonder, at Hatsune Miku’s live concert at…


50 Things to Do With Your Mom That Are More Enjoyable Than Taking Her to See Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, the unfathomably bad new ensemble comedy by Garry Marshall, ends with a blooper reel. It’s not a particularly good blooper reel, but there is one great moment—perhaps the only good moment of the entire film. In it, Julia Roberts is seen in character (complete with that hideous wig) staring out the window…

Trump Fans Seem to Get Particularly Mad at Jewish and Women Reporters, I Wonder Why That Is

Reporter Julia Ioffe recently wrote a deeply reported profile of Melania Trump for GQ, one that revealed the existence of her secret half-brother and also her dad’s strong similarities to the Donald. Now Ioffe’s getting deluged with sexist, anti-Semitic abuse. It’s almost like there’s a pattern here?