Spend the Weekend Feeling Like a Misunderstood '80s Teen With This Stranger Things-Inspired Playlist

If you watched all eight episodes of Netflix’s newest (presumed) hit Stranger Things, there’s a good chance everything you’ve seen or listened to since has felt a little too, oh, contemporary—too painfully 2016. So before the official soundtrack is released (Netflix promises it will happen “soon”), take a gander at a…

 'A Shambling Corpse of Its Former Self': What Critics Are Saying About Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne, the fifth film in the franchise and the fourth starring Matt Damon, hits theaters today. The would-be trilogy wrapped up nicely with 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum but of course Hollywood can’t just let a good thing lie. Now, after a sort-of Jason Bourne movie starring not Jason Bourne, we’re back with a…

Why This Barrier-Breaking Woman Was Banned From The World’s Deadliest Race

“Some women refuse to be a slave of routine,” said Pathé News in 1962, the year Beryl Swain entered the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race. “Mrs. Beryl Swain not only works an office job and holds down a home, but has an unlikely hobby—motorcycle racing. And,” says the announcer, with some muted astonishment, “she’s good…


Jill Stein Thinks There Are 'Real Questions' About Vaccine Safety, in Case You Were Voting Green

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate and also an actual medical doctor, doesn’t appear to be anti-vaccination. But she’s sort of anti-vaxxer adjacent, giving a series of mealy statements to the Washington Post and in a Reddit AMA about whether vaccines are safe. Jill: you don’t have to do this!