Actually, Blake Shelton Only Wishes to Endorse the Usually Excellent Work of Gossip Cop

Earlier today, in a vile show of hackery, I quoted Blake Shelton’s own words to point out that he has nice things to say about Donald Trump. That was wrong to do, especially when Blake Shelton is passionate about only two things: Gwen Stefani, his very real romantic partner, and the usually sterling work of the…


BoJack Horseman Shows a Complex New Side to Onscreen Abortion Narratives

Portrayals of abortion on television often lack nuance. Usually, they’re a grab for an emotional response from the viewers, a totem of despair for the character or, most often, a plain old cautionary tale. Jenny Slate’s film Obvious Child opened up what an abortion narrative can look like onscreen by being charming,…

Contrary to Reports, President Obama Sometimes Goes Hogwild and Has More Than Seven Almonds 

Earlier this month, in a story memorably and disturbingly headlined “Obama After Dark,” the New York Times talked about all the reading the president does after everybody else goes to bed. Besides firmly cementing him as a huge nerd, it made him come across as dietarily uptight to the point of parody, eating just…


Kim & Kanye Cover Harper's Bazaar in a Carine Roitfeld-Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Blowout

The September issues, they do encroach, but Harper’s Bazaar has got an early lead in this race of shifting fashion seasons by deeming the Kardashian Wests the faces of fall fashion 2016 (along with supermodels Lara Stone, Natasha Poly and my fave Lindsay Wixson). Just look at the curl on Kim’s lashes!