Remember Scott Brown? He Is Still Around, Still Wants Elizabeth Warren to 'Take a DNA Test'

After Elizabeth Warren appeared at a rally with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump rounded up his best and brightest supporters. From that group of luminaries, he plucked former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown to revive old attacks about Warren’s debunked claims of Native American ancestry.

Did the Kardashians Learn About Rob and Blac Chyna's Pregnancy Before or After Their Engagement?

Dolls! This week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a doozy. The A-Plot was Rob; the B-Plot was Rob; and the C-Plot was Rob. The tea was hot, having been steeped and over boiled for months. ‘Rob’ was the word of the night, even though he was never seen. Call Rob the Mad Hatter because all he’s serving at…


Fuck Yourself Up With the Amazing Music From Last Night's Game of Thrones

I watch Game of Thrones. There, I said it. I watch that dumb, awful show every single stupid Sunday night because I’ve invested so many hours of my life that—at this point—I can’t very well back out now. I generally watch the first few minutes focused on my meal (I don’t take my first bite until the credits have…