Jill Stein Thinks There Are 'Real Questions' About Vaccine Safety, in Case You Were Voting Green

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate and also an actual medical doctor, doesn’t appear to be anti-vaccination. But she’s sort of anti-vaxxer adjacent, giving a series of mealy statements to the Washington Post and in a Reddit AMA about whether vaccines are safe. Jill: you don’t have to do this!


If You're Actually Celebrating National Lipstick Day, Do it With This $24 Bite Beauty Lipstick Trio

Let me tell you something. Bite Beauty lipstick is by far my favorite lipstick that is currently available. But, it’s pricey. Which is why this limited edition Bite Beauty Lipstick Trio at Sephora is so perfect. For $24 (which is less than a full-price single bullet), you get three shades of Bite Beauty Luminous Crème…

American Horror Story Will Probably Be Bad, But, Man, Are These Teasers Ever Creepy

Do you watch American Horror Story anymore? I don’t either. Despite being impressed with Lady Gaga’s acting and intrigued by Evan Peters’ interpretation of H.H. Holmes, I bailed on Hotel halfway through the season, much in the same way I bailed on Freak Show. That said, these promos for Season 6—theme unknown—are…


Something About Hillary Clinton's 'Not So Attractive Voice' Really Bothers Men, But They're Not Sure Why!

Hillary Clinton took the stage last night to make her historic acceptance speech, but male pundits wondered: Didn’t she sound a little... shrill? Wasn’t she... maybe... shouting? Can’t she do something about her... tone? Welcome to the next four months of nuanced, non-sexist political commentary, which also functions…