Project Runway: Fashion Startup Is the Shark Tank Rip-Off You Probably Don't Need

If you’re someone with an interest in the surface-level business decisions that go into building a clothing line, I’ve got a new television show for you. If you sort of just want to buy clothes you like without getting too deep into the exact margins of your blouse, you’ll probably want to skip Project Runway: Fashion

Everything You Don't Actually Need to Know About Drew Taggart, Halsey, & Lady Gaga's Current 'Drama'

There is a chance you have encountered or will eventually encounter news about three people named Drew Taggart, Halsey, and Lady Gaga. Though most of you will scroll past headlines about their current “drama” or “hacking” or whatever it’s being referred to by any given publication, and think, “I only know one of those…


Trump Campaign Manager: The Press Is Both Biased for Clinton and Secretly Talking Shit About Her

No one can accuse Kellyanne Conway of not trying so, so hard. Trump’s campaign manager has gracefully attempted to explain everything from her candidate’s hideous Muslim ban to all that alleged pussygrabbing. After Wednesday’s debate, in what may be her beautiful albeit strained swan song, Conway went on multiple TV…