The Most Embarrassing Thing I've Ever Written Is This Passionate Endorsement of Ralph Nader

When I was 17, I was a volunteer for the Green Party in Houston. I was also the worst. I know this because I wrote an op-ed for the city’s largest paper to save my fellow Americans from voting for George Bush or Al Gore, a piece of writing that is impossible to read without feeling deep shame and embarrassment.

Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan to Improve Mental Health Treatment As If This Were a Normal Election  

In her continued bid to act like this is a regular election season where we talk about actual policy issues, Hillary Clinton released a proposed plan Monday to improve mental health treatment. The plan includes launching a national suicide prevention initiative and better training police officers to deal with people…


China's Jack the Ripper, Who Stalked and Killed Women Wearing Red, Reportedly Confesses After 28 Years 

Police in the Chinese province of Gansu say they’ve arrested the man that the media has dubbed “China’s Jack the Ripper.” Gao Chengyong is suspected of raping and murdering 11 women and girls between 1988 and 2002. Police say Chengyong has confessed to the crimes, which sometimes included the removal of the victims’…