Nike Designed a Disaster of a Dress for Tennis Players That No One Can Actually Play Tennis In 

In an incident that vividly recalls that one time I told myself thigh-high tights were a very good idea and would definitely stay up, Nike is facing criticism over a dress it specially designed for tennis players. The “Premier Slam” resembles nothing so much as an athletic nightgown, and it does not stay down or keep…

Two Working Class Trans Women Politicians Make History in Congressional Primary Wins

For the first time, two trans women will be running for Congress under the auspices of a major political party. Utah’s Misty K. Snow and Colorado’s Misty Plowright—both Democrats, both trans women—have handily won their primaries, and will face Republican opponents this November, per Politico.

Happy Hump Day: Poll Shows Clinton and Trump Are Essentially Tied 

A new national poll of 1,610 registered voters released by Quinnipiac University found that 40 percent supported Donald Trump while 42 percent supported Hillary Clinton, with a margin of error of 2 percentage points. But listen guys! Hey! Don’t panic! It’s just a poll! Wait, where are you going? To Vancouver? Fair…


Zayn's New T-Shirts Are the Ultimate Awesome Troll

Zayn Malik has debuted his new merch over at Vogue, and while most of it is in the current streetwear goth oeuvre of merch (Vetements-epoch tees and hoodies; the obligatory flight jacket with Zayn’s name in Urdu), there is one t-shirt in the collection that is the very best troll, in that it will no doubt piss off…