Relatable Woman Arrested for Smearing Peanut Butter on Cars She Thought Were At a Trump Rally

A Wisconsin woman described in reports as “drunk” and “yelling profanity” is accused of bursting into a meeting she thought was a Trump rally to yell about Donald Trump. When she was asked to leave, she allegedly used peanut butter to smear “phallic symbols” and curse words on several vehicles. Funny, I don’t remember

Let's Do the Time Warp Again, Again: It's Your Rocky Horror Picture Show Open Thread

Fox’s long-awaited Rocky Horror reboot hits tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, and while it’s gotten less than stellar reviews—the Times called it “soul-killing”—there’s still gotta be a little magic in watching Laverne Cox take on Frank N. Furter, no? Work through your every emotion in the comments right here, together.…


In the Final Debate, Hillary Clinton Was Perfectly Calm and Perfectly Aggressive

“Such a nasty woman,” Donald Trump said as he interrupted Hillary Clinton during the end of last night’s debate. The insult came during an exchange over entitlement programs, in particular Social Security, when Clinton, referencing Trump’s history of exploiting tax loopholes, managed to provoke Trump into the petty…