True to Form, Joe Biden Announces Bernie Sanders' Clinton Endorsement Ahead of Time

In an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition that will air on Sunday, Joe Biden—your former BFF who you just can’t confide in anymore because they told everyone in the entire senior class that you’re still a virgin—reportedly announces Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton on his behalf. It appears that Bernie…

Stock Up on Summer Staples at Uniqlo for Under $20 Plus Free Shipping on Every Order

Going to Uniqlo is like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry; you always end up getting more than you need. So with summer staples like chino shorts for under $20, graphic tees for $10, and polos to dress it up on occasion for $15, plus free shipping, you’re going to end up with a very full cart.


Carla Bruni Will Joyously Slit Nicolas Sarkozy's Throat and Ears If He Cheats

Carla Bruni, the French singer and former First Lady, knows that marriage is hard. Monogamy is tough. Life intervenes. In that effortless French fashion, though, she has tips for keeping things both spicy and faithful: jokingly but very publicly threaten to mutilate the shit out of your husband if he ever steps out on…