Judge Orders Macy's to Quit Fining, Detaining Suspected Shoplifters in In-Store Jail

A judge has ordered Macy’s to immediately quit detaining and fining people suspected of shoplifting. A class action lawsuit claims that Macy’s detained at least two women suspected of shoplifting in holding cells for hours in the basement of the chain’s flagship in New York. Both women were forced to pay the store…

Man Extremely Worried About the Wellbeing of Renee Zellweger's Face

However one feels about the proliferation of mostly actresses getting plastic surgery in Hollywood, we can probably reach a middle point of agreement that they’re doing so because of the inhumane beauty standards in an industry where talented women often discuss work drying up by the time they hit 40.


Very British Heckler Politely Pursues Boris Johnson Down the Street, Calls Him 'Absolute Rubbish' 

Former London Mayor and human haystack blown askew by heavy winds Boris Johnson faked everybody out real good this week. He campaigned fiercely for the historically bad idea known as Brexit and then, when it was achieved, abruptly announced that he didn’t want to run the country and figure out how to implement it…