Very British Heckler Politely Pursues Boris Johnson Down the Street, Calls Him 'Absolute Rubbish' 

Former London Mayor and human haystack blown askew by heavy winds Boris Johnson faked everybody out real good this week. He campaigned fiercely for the historically bad idea known as Brexit and then, when it was achieved, abruptly announced that he didn’t want to run the country and figure out how to implement it…

Trump Campaign Hires 'Gender Gap' Expert Kellyanne Conway, Who Touts 'Femininity, Not Feminism'

Today, the Trump campaign announced the hire of Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster who touts herself as an expert on the “gender gap.” In a statement, the campaign said that Conway will serve as senior advisor to campaign chair, Paul Manafort. The campaign noted that Conway is “widely regarded as an expert on…

A Writer Quit Her Job at People After 14 Years and Sent One Hell of a Resignation Letter

After 14 years working as writer for People, Sara Hammel sent her resignation letter to Jess Cagle, the magazine’s editorial director, “and other top editors.” But this wasn’t the kind of formal goodbye email filled with empty thank you’s to her superiors. No, no. Hammel chose to do something a little more incendiary


True to Form, Joe Biden Announces Bernie Sanders' Clinton Endorsement Ahead of Time

In an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition that will air on Sunday, Joe Biden—your former BFF who you just can’t confide in anymore because they told everyone in the entire senior class that you’re still a virgin—reportedly announces Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton on his behalf. It appears that Bernie…