Beyoncé's Dancers Pose With Activists' Sign As Tribute to Mario Woods

When Beyoncé and her dancers appeared on the field last night, it was clear that the superstar’s performance carried a political message – from the lyrics of her new single “Formation” to her dancers’ costumes, described as an “homage to the Black Panther Party.” And at the request of Black Lives Matter activists, a…

Uniqlo Is Shipping Everything For Free Right Now, No Minimum Order Required

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Uniqlo is shipping everything for free today, with absolutely no minimum order. Plus, you can take an extra $18 off any $108 order with promo code LUCKY18. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a Uniqlo in your town (or even if you do), you should definitely give this a look. [Uniqlo]


An Interview With a Man Who Was Campaigned at By Bernie Sanders Fans on Dating Apps

“Talk Bernie to me,” shouted no one ever on a dating app, and yet that is happening: a very small army of self-motivated young women are using Tinder, Bumble, and all the other hellish, spiritually depleting find-love-quick programs on your telephone to campaign for Bernie Sanders. What’s it like to be on the…

Beyoncé Takes Vacation Advice From Gwyneth, Rents $10K-Per-Night Airbnb Over Super Bowl Weekend

Beyoncé, like many of us, is an Airbnb user. This means those among us who are part of the sharing economy have at least one thing in common with her, which is a fun thing to consider. The similarities, however, begin and end with the name “Airbnb,” because Bey is not renting that quaint little lakeside home filled…