Here's Mary J. Blige Singing to Hillary Clinton About Police Profiling in an Unexpected Promo

This month, Mary J. Blige will debut a show called The 411, which seems like it will include at least one episode of musical social justice and conversation with Hillary Clinton. In this clip, Blige sings what seems to be a heartfelt lesson of safety protocol for black youth in dealing with police.


Everything Worth Seeing From Last Night's Unhinged Presidential Debate

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met onstage at Hofstra University to debate the important issues of this election: ISIS, Trump’s tax returns and Clinton’s emails, and whether or not Rosie O’Donnell deserved to be called a fat pig. It was a sniffling mess of a night, and there are still two debates to…

Trump Was Very Twitchy and Fidgety During the Debate!

After the sniffles that began the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and a three-day-old plate of roughy, there were Donald Trump’s twitches, Donald Trump’s fidgets and Donald Trump’s twitchy, fidgety side-eyes. Perhaps a side-effect of the fact that he was getting utterly creamed, we still don’t know, so…