Adam Sandler Says Netflix Was Very Chill About His Racist Movie 

Adam Sandler’s Netflix-exclusive movie, The Ridiculous Six looks worse than your average Adam Sandler movie. The film, a parody of the Magnificent Seven, follows a Native American and his five half-brothers in their attempt to rescue their kidnapped father. The film co-stars Sandler regular Rob Schneider, as well as… »Yesterday 11:00pm12/01/15 11:00pm


Rosa Parks Was More Than Just an 'Old Lady' Who Began the Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1 marks the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ radical move of refusing to move from her seat on an Alabama bus, inciting the 13-month Montgomery bus boycott led by Martin Luther King Jr. Parks is often characterized in history books as a quiet “old” seamstress, but she was an activist long before she was… »Yesterday 6:10pm12/01/15 6:10pm

Yolanda and David Foster Are Separating Motherfucking Fuck

After years of nauseatingly public love and one complex blended family, Yolanda Foster—mother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, inventor of the world’s most beautiful fridge—and David Foster—composer or something—are separating. I can’t even handle this news, so excuse me if I break down in the middle of writing this bl— »Yesterday 5:50pm12/01/15 5:50pm

We Are All These Ravers Running Headlong Into a Tornado

In the face of danger, what kind of person do you become? What is the primordial instinct that comprises your character? Do you take life by the horns, cherishing its every curve, relishing every experience? More to the point, if you were at a rave in the Australian bush just jamming out to some trance music and a… »Yesterday 5:10pm12/01/15 5:10pm

Tom Hiddleston Might Actually Be a Good Hank Williams?

The country music-loving American public has been feeling a mite dubious about Tom Hiddleston, an admitted British person, playing Hank Williams in the upcoming biopic I Saw the Light. But a full trailer came out Tuesday, and now I very much fear I’m going to be forced to see this thing 15 times and cry every time. »Yesterday 3:50pm12/01/15 3:50pm

John Kasich Wants to Know Why All These 15-Year-Old Girls Are Doing It

On the campaign trail, Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich has gained an unfortunate reputation for his tendency to speak disrespectfully to and about women, like that time when he told a college student he didn’t have any Taylor Swift tickets, or lamented how easily a diet can become sidelined when spumoni is… »Yesterday 2:40pm12/01/15 2:40pm