Glenn Beck Stuck His Face Into Cheetos to Look Like Donald Trump and It Makes Me Feel Bad

Donald Trump looks like he has been spray-tanned in Cheetos Orange. I know it, Madeleine Davies (coiner of the perfect phrase “Cheeto-dusted bloviator”) knows it, Ben Shapiro apparently knows it. We all know it. Glenn Beck was like, “But do you really know it, though?” and stuck his face in a bowl of snack.

Amy Grant Re-Released 'Baby Baby' With Help From Tori Kelly and Let Me Tell You, I Fucking Love It

“Baby Baby,” a song I love because my mother has good taste in music and one that I only just realized could be sung as “Bobby Bobby” at karaoke, has been re-released by its original vocalist Amy Grant, along with a little help from the increasingly unavoidable (and sort of undefinable) pop mirage Tori Kelly.


The Crowd Went Wild For Hatsune Miku, The Virtual Anime Pop Star

I’ve seen a massive crowd line up around the block to watch an internet-fueled hologram of an anime girl sing. I’ve seen a packed auditorium erupt into a wild cheer for a text-to-speech voice that said: “Hello Seattle.” I’ve seen our present day, in all its bracing cyberpunk wonder, at Hatsune Miku’s live concert at…