Target's Only Male Plus-Size Model Says His Wife Gave Him the Confidence to Take the Job

Scattered among rumors about Hollywood’s A through D-listers on People’s “News” section are human interest stories that I generally avoid. Today there was a headline about sisters meeting each other for the first time at 9 and 10 years old (too boring), some dog who found a home after losing an eye (too sad), and a… »10/09/15 6:20pmYesterday 6:20pm

Captive Orca Breeding Banned at SeaWorld San Diego

After a long day of speeches, the California Coastal Commission voted to ban captive whale breeding in SeaWorld’s San Diego park, as well as to significantly restrict the movement of whales in and out of the park. These were set as conditions for the approval of SeaWorld’s $100 million habitat expansion, which… »10/09/15 5:55pmYesterday 5:55pm

Shocker: Empire's Fave Teen Vixen Becky G Does Not Sweat in New Video About Sweating

I’ve been loving Becky G’s run on Empire as Valentina Galindo, the lead singer of hilariously-named trio “Mirage A Trois” who’s been using her wiles on Hakeem to ramp up her stature. (She says she’s not, but we know the drill.) In part because Becky from the Block is all of 18 now, and it’s nice to see her taking on… »10/09/15 5:35pmYesterday 5:35pm

Fake Weddings Are a Big Business In Argentina

It used to be that if you wanted to go to a fake wedding, you’d have to pony up $100 bucks to watch Tony and Tina get married while you ate cold spaghetti and paid per drink at the “no host bar!” In Argentina, however, people who love a good party now have more options than half-baked dinner theater and crashing… »10/09/15 4:20pmYesterday 4:20pm

Stephenie Meyer Is Not Your Friend and You Shouldn't Buy Her Dumb New Gender-Swapped Twilight

Some hard truths: Jennifer Lawrence’s fall at the Oscars (1st time) was fake, and Stephenie Meyer’s new gender-swapped version of Twilight is a bullshit waste of paper and you’d be better off just wiping your ass with the $15 she wants for this awful “reimagining.” »10/09/15 4:00pmYesterday 4:00pm

Congressman Creates Speaker of the House Craigslist Posting; I'll Probably Apply

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy surprise announced that he would no longer seek to be Speaker of the House, Washington D.C. was rattled by a heaving sob made up of hundreds of little GOP congressmen running into their offices, slamming the door, huddling under their desks, and just letting their emotions go. »10/09/15 3:40pmYesterday 3:40pm

Kelsey Grammer Declared His Anti-Abortion Views By Wearing an Ugly T-Shirt

Kelsey Grammer, former Frasier and current bore, was recently photographed by his fourth wife while wearing a shirt distributed by Abort73, a self-proclaimed “educational website that is working to protect children from abortion.” The shirt features a handgun beside text that reads “WOULD IT BOTHER US MORE IF THEY… »10/09/15 3:20pmYesterday 3:20pm