Cecily Strong is 'Genuinely Happy' About SNL's Weekend Update Change-Up

Last week, Saturday Night Live made Saturday Night Live history by announcing that Michael Che would become the show's first black anchor for their Weekend Update segment, replacing Cecily Strong. And Ms. Strong would like you to know that she's pretty excited about the news herself. » 9/14/14 6:02pm Yesterday 6:02pm

​The Longer You Procrastinate, the Worse Your Grade Will Be

I'm a pretty good procrastinator. Actually, a really good procrastinator. As in, I actually cannot start, work through, and/or finish an assignment unless I have adrenaline from the sheer anxiety and fear of not completing said assignment on time coursing through my veins. (Don't tell my editors.) Well, oddly enough,… » 9/14/14 4:39pm Yesterday 4:39pm

"Goodell Must Go" Banners Fly Over NFL Games

A woman's advocacy group is flying banners calling for the ouster of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. They'll fly above four different stadiums today and tomorrow. Above, via AP Images, is the day's first, at Cardinals/Giants at MetLife Stadium. » 9/14/14 2:40pm Yesterday 2:40pm

Knock(ed) Down, Drag Out - Facebook to Drag Queens: Use Legal Names

Facebook, the home to over 50 gender identity options, has taken a bit of a bigoted turn this week by suspending the profiles of drag queens whose accounts are under their stage names. Artists are being forcefully logged out and left messages providing instructions on how to change their stage names to their legal… » 9/14/14 1:55pm Yesterday 1:55pm

10 Yoga Poses That Will Get Your Day off to the Right Start

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you've got a daunting day in front of you, and you already feel beads of stress-sweat forming at your brow. Stop, take a deep breath, and forget that cup of coffee. Here are ten yoga poses that keep you fit, centered, and happy and will help you avoid exploding before noon. » 9/14/14 12:01pm Yesterday 12:01pm