Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Clear Their Beef With VMAs 'Bad Blood' Duet

Nicki Minaj opened the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show with her carnival anthem “Trini Dem Girls” in a mean red feathered costume ready for the road. Taylor Swift joined Minaj during her second number, “The Night Is Still Young,” and a blip of “Bad Blood,” putting an end to their Twitter disagreement by cuddling on… » 8/30/15 9:15pm 32 minutes ago

Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift Sing 'Complicated,' Are Besties Again

Leave it to Taylor to tidy up a squabble quickly and, if possible, in the most maximalist way. Mere days after a social media-based tiff, misunderstanding, whatever you want to call it, Taylor invited Avril to the stage at her San Diego show. They performed “Complicated,” Taylor beamed and squeezed Avril — everything… » 8/30/15 5:49pm Today 5:49pm

Lingerie Store Makes Cecil The Lion Costume, Wants to Save The Animals

Friends, it’s time to blast some Bloodhound Gang and seduce your lover with every sex-related animal metaphor in your vocabulary. But first you should zip yourself into this sexy Cecil the Lion costume and pay tribute to our fallen friend while you do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. » 8/30/15 4:41pm Today 4:41pm

People Reveal The First Email They Ever Sent and It's a Total Cringefest

My first email address was ernest1960@aol.com. It was my dad’s account and I spent a great deal of my time at 13 looking at gay pornography and then chatting with teenage girls to make up for it. The first email I sent was likely to a girl who went by JessyM13 and it was “this is my email address. Do you have an email… » 8/30/15 3:45pm Today 3:45pm