Michelle Duggar's Robocall Compares Trans Women to Child Predators

Michelle Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting has a new robocall asserting that a law to protect citizens against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, which includes gender identity as one of the protected classes, will allow men who are child predators to claim to be women and be… » 8/19/14 11:16pm Yesterday 11:16pm

LAPD Officer Ironically Demonstrates Why Police Are Out of Control

Today's Washington Post has a startling op-ed from Sunil Dutta, LAPD police officer and university professor, who pins tragedies on everyday citizens rather than law enforcement. In an effort to sympathize with the Ferguson Police Department and law enforcement across the United States, Dutta unwittingly outs himself… » 8/19/14 10:04pm Yesterday 10:04pm

Youngest Human Barbie is 16, Has Good Genes and 'Big Breasts'

The newest human barbie to emerge from the internet's shiny pink box is 16-year-old Lolita Richi (real name? no), a Ukranian teenager who says she's never had surgery and doesn't use photoshop. Oh, and she's never even heard of Valeria Lukyanova. Shots fired. (Also, she really does look like Barbie!) » 8/19/14 7:45pm Yesterday 7:45pm

Lupita Nyong’o thinks that black hair "is like clay," among other things she said when sharing her favorite beauty secrets with Harper’s Bazaar; unsurprisingly, her list included a number of Lancôme products. You might remember she’s the face of the beauty brand these days but not even her product peddling can start… » 8/19/14 6:07pm Yesterday 6:07pm

Florida Man Picks Fight With Fire Hydrant When Asked About Prowling

A very reasonable man in St. Petersburg, Florida took a novel approach to being questioned by police about peeking into windows last week. He told the officers he was looking for "Tony" (aren't we all?) and then proceeded to try and beat the shit out of a fire hydrant. Because fuck fire hydrants for being dirty… » 8/19/14 5:45pm Yesterday 5:45pm