Read the Full, Lurid Sex Assault Lawsuit Against Bryan Singer

It wasn't necessarily a secret in Hollywood that famed director Bryan Singer, who's openly gay, liked 'em young. In the 20 years he's been in show biz he's gained a reputation for being the biggest chicken hawk in the industry. But with the filing of a lawsuit this week that alleges he'd drugged and raped an underage… » 4/18/14 11:00am Today 11:00am

Hillary Clinton's Memoir Hard Choices Is Ready for Its Close-Up

One day after announcing that she is a grandma-to-be, Hillary Clinton has taken the next step in her “possible” presidential run by announcing her new book title. As much as I look forward to the possibility of a female president, I do wish she hadn’t chosen such a VEEP-friendly name for her memoir, but we’ll take what … » 4/18/14 10:40am Today 10:40am

The Real Losers in #MommyWars: Freaking Everybody Else

This week, a "viral video ad" (barf barf barf) from a greeting card company aimed at the vital Mother's Day market started making the rounds on the internet and results have been...mixed, to say the least. But the really great thing is that it's revived the age old debate of who's worse: self-righteous stay at home moms, … » 4/17/14 10:59pm Yesterday 10:59pm

General Mills Is Trying to Take Away Your Right to Sue For Any Reason

General Mills, purveyor of many fine not-quite-foods, has just introduced the world's must unfathomably bizarre anti-consumer legal policy. If it isn't struck down by sane judges, it's going to effectively mean that no one can sue them, ever, for any reason. That is not an exaggeration. » 4/17/14 10:17pm Yesterday 10:17pm