The First Woman To Use Her Face to Sell Her Product Had a Lot of Helpful Men Write to Her About It

Lydia Pinkham lived a million lives, and her career as a medicinal entrepreneur didn’t even start until she was 56. Her special juice for soothing a jumpy uterus was well-known by local women in her hometown of Lynn, MA, and in 1875 she decided to try pushing her “Vegetable Compound” on the public.

Glenn Beck Stuck His Face Into Cheetos to Look Like Donald Trump and It Makes Me Feel Bad

Donald Trump looks like he has been spray-tanned in Cheetos Orange. I know it, Madeleine Davies (coiner of the perfect phrase “Cheeto-dusted bloviator”) knows it, Ben Shapiro apparently knows it. We all know it. Glenn Beck was like, “But do you really know it, though?” and stuck his face in a bowl of snack.


Amy Grant Re-Released 'Baby Baby' With Help From Tori Kelly and Let Me Tell You, I Fucking Love It

“Baby Baby,” a song I love because my mother has good taste in music and one that I only just realized could be sung as “Bobby Bobby” at karaoke, has been re-released by its original vocalist Amy Grant, along with a little help from the increasingly unavoidable (and sort of undefinable) pop mirage Tori Kelly.