Mall Makeovers: Las Vegas

I'm not a very good spy. I was as stealthy as Maxwell Smart on this assignment, prying information from Las Vegas's makeup counter saleswomen on "what's on trend" and "what most women ask for." Many looked at me with pity. More than once, a woman with blue lipstick or purple eyebrows said to me "Giiirl, you need to… » 4/01/15 5:50pm 9 minutes ago

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Happy Endings Isn't Coming Back, That Was Just a Really Funny Prank

Sorry if you got your hopes up about Happy Endings possibly being un-cancelled. That was just a sick April Fools’ Joke. » 4/01/15 5:30pm 29 minutes ago

An Interview With Stacy Beverly, Costume Designer for Black-ish

On ABC's hit series Black-ish, about an extended upper-middle-class family going through typical suburban family motions with a gimlet eye towards race, characters have an incredible sense of style that sets the tone for the show. Colors are bright, styles are simultaneously nuanced and over the top, while the… » 4/01/15 5:10pm 49 minutes ago

Very Unchill T-Pain Says FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson Are Engaged

Look at you: A celebrity human in a celebrity relationship with a celebrity engagement ring that you always take off your celebrity finger before you leave your celebrity house because you don’t want non-celebrities to know that you’re getting celebrity married! But what happens next? T-Pain inevitably does an… » 4/01/15 4:50pm Today 4:50pm

Brace Yourself For Even More Dope Baby Scrapbooks on Facebook

Your baby is dope. I repeat: Your baby is dope. We need more pictures of your dope baby out in in the world, so Facebook is doing this thing called Scrapbook where you can tag your dope baby in it to create a visual record of their awesomeness. Yaaayyyy. » 4/01/15 4:30pm Today 4:30pm

Common Fired as Graduation Speaker in NJ Because of Assata Shakur Song

The crusade of New Jersey responding ignorantly to Assata Shakur continues; this week Kean University cancelled Common as their commencement speaker because of his 2000 song, “A Song for Assata,” detailing how Shakur was framed by New Jersey State Police and later found asylum in Cuba. » 4/01/15 4:15pm Today 4:15pm

This Week In Tabloids: Kim Doesn't Give a Single Fuck If Rob Dies

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we call the corners (North=Star, South=OK!, East=InTouch, West=Life & Style) and assume all the powers of Kris Jenner until eventually losing our minds and thinking we’re flying. This week: George and Amal are divorcing, Kim and Kylie are pregnant, Bradley and Jennifer are sending… » 4/01/15 4:00pm Today 4:00pm

The Best Sneakers for Your Wedding, and Other Not-Excruciating Shoes

The thing about a wedding is it's usually long, the person in the dress is often the most encumbered by her or his outfit (or outfits!), and there are very few people out there who really want to spend seven hours in stilettos no matter how perfectly they shape our beleaguered legs under all the lace, satin, and tulle. » 4/01/15 3:45pm Today 3:45pm

How To Prevent Your Pet From Ruining Your Sex Life

Between killing spontaneity, playing favorites, and and ruining the mood with room-clearing farts, pets can be a real boner-killer. We all know that adopting a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but few people consider the effects that a furry friend can have on one's sex life. Here's how to deal with some of the… » 4/01/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

Arkansas Governor Won't Sign Religious Freedom Bill Because It's a Mess

Having witnessed the debacle currently happening in Indiana, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has declined for now to sign the state's own recently passed "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." House Bill 1228 passed on Tuesday, but Hutchinson—while being careful not to anything too supportive of LGBT people—said he… » 4/01/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

Five Best Umbrellas

We shook out your nominations and found five clear frontrunners for best umbrella (actually only one of them is clear). Which umbrella ella ella is your best bet? It's time to vote. » 4/01/15 3:15pm Today 3:15pm

Pioneering Atlantic Records Cofounder Miriam Bienstock Has Died at 92

One of the cofounders of the legendary Atlantic Records recently died at 92—the groundbreaking Miriam Bienstock, who helped get the company off the ground. » 4/01/15 3:15pm Today 3:15pm

The Violent, Royal Story of How Tartan Became Your Favorite Plaid

Tartan in modern fashion appears everywhere from school uniforms to McQueen runways, but the road to this ubiquity starts many centuries ago, with 15th-century Scottish women weaving this particular patterned fabric at home. It wasn't until the early 19th century that tartan would start weaving its way into American… » 4/01/15 3:00pm Today 3:00pm

Giuliana Rancic: 'I'm Sorry Some People Think I'm Disgustingly Skinny'

Whenever Giuliana Rancic is on a red carpet, people comment about her being too thin. The E! host addressed some of this criticism in an interview where she admits to having weight and self-esteem issues. » 4/01/15 2:45pm Today 2:45pm

Andre Leon Talley Gets Flattering Makeover for Kim Kardashian Game Cameo

» 4/01/15 2:35pm Today 2:35pm

Maybe Don't 'Prank' Your Boyfriend By Prank Breaking Up With Him

Here's the thing about April Fools': It sucks. Pranks are all well and good when you're five years old and the only thing you can do is drool and make up some joke about being a space monster or something, but when you're an adult and try to raise the stakes, that shit gets real. Here's a tip from me to you: Never… » 4/01/15 2:30pm Today 2:30pm

How Restaurants Get Free Labor Out of Servers and Bartenders

Would it seem absurd to read that most restaurants in America get a significant amount of essentially free labor out of servers and bartenders for work that has nothing to do with serving or bartending? If so, it's also such a basic, universal fact of the industry that almost no one even comments on it at this point. » 4/01/15 2:00pm Today 2:00pm

Zayn Malik Is Over, Loses 50,000 Followers After Quitting 1D

It's been less than a week since Zayn Malik broke up the greatest band in history to live a normal life, and the 22-year-old is already learning that being normal means that there are 50,000 less people who care about your day or your new solo work. In fact, those 50,000 people that just unfollowed you? They actively… » 4/01/15 1:45pm Today 1:45pm

The Mattress Reimagined: Casper Delivers Comfort to You + Special Offer

Despite spending a third of our time in bed, mattress shopping remains a dreaded activity. It's a soulless experience riddled with ambiguous terms, a lack of brand differentiation, smarmy sales people, and marked-up prices from major retail chains. Then there's Casper, who, with a direct-to-consumer model and a … » 3/31/15 4:30pm Yesterday 4:30pm

Get a Free Month of Oyster Reading: Choose from Over One-Million Titles

Oyster, the streaming app often referred to as the Netflix for books, offers more than one-million titles to choose from instantly. Get a one-month free trial to explore and enjoy the selection. If you get hooked on the service after the trial, pay just $9.95/month. » 3/27/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm