Tracking the Life of Young Sally Draper, TV's Best Teenager

Sally Draper is almost nine years old in season three of Mad Men. During the episode "The Fog," after a bloody school fight in which Sally (Kiernan Shipka) pushed a classmate's face into a drinking fountain, parents Don and Betty are called into her class to discuss her increasingly bad behavior. The cause is… » 3/30/15 10:15am Today 10:15am

Of Course the Pitch Perfect Cast Texts About The Bachelor

Anna Kendrick is on the cover of this month's Glamour UK, and arguably the most important piece of intel she divulged was as follows: » 3/30/15 1:50pm 25 minutes ago

The Walking Dead's Tense Season Finale Separates the Weak

The final 10 minutes of The Walking Dead's season finale on Sunday were some of the most intense moments of the entire series so far. Besides the usual threat of death, there was also a new threat (Wolves) and another major takeover. » 3/30/15 1:05pm Today 1:05pm

Today's Best Deals: Fire-Proof Safes, NAS Storage, Microfiber, & More

Kick off your week with all of today's best deals. » 3/30/15 10:05am Today 10:05am

Here's Doug E. Fresh's Long-Lost Scientology Jam 'The Joy of Creating'

You know that sinking feeling, when you find out that someone awesome is actually a Scientologist? Well whaddya know, beloved rapper and "Human Beat Box" Doug E. Fresh has been kicking it with the Thetans for a while now. The above track, "The Joy of Creating," was apparently mixed at the L. Ron Hubbard Music Studio… » 3/30/15 12:10pm Today 12:10pm

The Worst Restaurant Bosses Ever

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. This week, we've got stories of some of the worst restaurant bosses I've ever heard of. As always, these are real e-mails from real readers. » 3/30/15 11:00am Today 11:00am

Fifth Harmony Boss Up In Their 'Worth It' Video

Fifth Harmony is about their business in the video for "Worth It," a song that falls somewhere in the lineage of Beyoncé's "Ego" and Alicia Keys' "A Woman's Worth." » 3/30/15 10:35am Today 10:35am

Study: Black Girls Face Harsher School Discipline than White Girls

A new study released by Columbia University Law School's Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies has found that racial bias may play a larger role in the discipline of girls than boys—and in Hamilton County, Chattanooga, Tennessee, where black girls are suspended five times as much as white girls,… » 3/30/15 12:30pm Today 12:30pm

Have a Problem With Honeyfunds? You're an Idiot. 

Some people will tell you it is unacceptable for a couple to ask for honeymoon funding in lieu of concrete, physical wedding gifts. Fuck these people and fuck everything for which they stand. » 3/30/15 11:05am Today 11:05am

Now's Your Chance to Own Some of Lauren Bacall's Stuff

We've previously posted photos of Lauren Bacall's apartment at the Dakota, gloriously stuffed with odds and ends. And now's your chance to own a few of those classy dust-catchers secondhand, if you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket. » 3/30/15 11:30am Today 11:30am

'Visibly Pregnant' Girls in Sierra Leone Banned from Attending School

Sierra Leone's Education Minister has announced that school-aged girls who are "visibly pregnant" won't be allowed to attend school, take their exams, or associate with non-pregnant students. A top education official has suggested that having pregnant girls in class would "encourage other girls to do the same thing." » 3/30/15 11:30am Today 11:30am

Unlucky Cyclone Roller Coaster Riders Get Stuck 85 Feet in the Air

On Sunday, Brooklyn's oldest roller coaster ride gave out at the top of its track, forcing 12 riders to hoof their way to safety—nearly 85 feet down. » 3/30/15 11:10am Today 11:10am

40% of Millennials Think Teen Sex, Casual Sex and Gay Sex Are Immoral

The Public Religion Research Institute just released a broad survey they conducted among 2,314 adults born between 1980 and 1997, and the aggregate of my generation's social opinions feel—as they tend to—alternately progressive and tremendously retrograde. » 3/30/15 10:50am Today 10:50am

Jamie Foxx Made a Dumb Joke About Bruce Jenner Transitioning Last Night

Last night at the iHeartRadio music awards, host Jamie Foxx tried out some of his prime "hardy har har, Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman" material. Turns out that a lot of people—mainly the ones who don't find transitioning to be a punchline in and of itself—weren't all that amused. » 3/30/15 10:30am Today 10:30am

Fall in Love With Elisha Cuthbert in This New Little Brutes Video

"Make Our Own Way" by Los Angeles duo Little Brutes has been on heavy personal rotation since their Desire EP dropped in January: it's gumption and self-determination interpreted through simple pop lines, minimal handclaps and tambourines. It's also on heavy TV rotation, as the theme song for the new NBC sitcom One… » 3/30/15 10:00am Today 10:00am

Gawker South African Comic Trevor Noah to Replace Jon Stewart at The Daily Show | Gizmodo A Guide to Scientology's Most Ostentatious Real Estate | Jalopnik 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept: This Is It | Kotaku The Schoolgirl Sim In Which You Kill People | » 3/30/15 9:43am Today 9:43am

John Oliver Begs America Not to Participate in April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is a national menace. Sure, if everyone in America were as funny as they think they are, it would be a big laugh. But they're not. Oh, they are so surely not! And so Last Week Tonight host John Oliver asks that you take a solemn vow: "I will not play any practical jokes and if I see someone planning a… » 3/30/15 9:50am Today 9:50am

Watch Rihanna Hop Out of a Helicopter at the iHeartRadio Awards

Rihanna summoned the spirit of 1996 Lil Kim at the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday, debuting her new single "Bitch Better Have My Money." Naturally, Taraji P. Henson introduced the performance because Cookie is the muse for this shamelessly unruly record. » 3/30/15 9:30am Today 9:30am

Trevor Noah Is Taking Over for Jon Stewart at The Daily Show

As was rumored last week, Daily Show contributor Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart as host of the show. » 3/30/15 8:37am Today 8:37am

Get a Free Month of Oyster Reading: Choose from Over One-Million Titles

Oyster, the streaming app often referred to as the Netflix for books, offers more than one-million titles to choose from instantly. Get a one-month free trial to explore and enjoy the selection. If you get hooked on the service after the trial, pay just $9.95/month. » 3/27/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm