Today's Best Deals: $20 Bluetooth Speaker, Ice Balls, and a Lot More

It's World Backup Day, so before you dive into these deals, make sure you have everything you need to keep your data safe. » 3/31/15 1:15pm 12 minutes ago

Selena's Dad Isn't Sure About Celebrations of His Daughter's Death

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla was brutally murdered by her assistant—and the Latin world wants to commemorate the anniversary of her passing in a joyful way, with celebrations and a music festival. But her father, who managed her, isn’t so sure about how he feels… » 3/31/15 1:10pm 17 minutes ago

Zoe Kravitz On Her Past Eating Disorder: 'I Felt Pressured'

Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of two beautiful people and an entertainer in her own right, is featured on the April/May cover of Complex, where she talks about her battle with anorexia and bulimia as a teen and, ugh, the woes of having such gorgeous parents. » 3/31/15 12:50pm 37 minutes ago

A Hunger Games Ride Is Coming Because Running for Your Life is Fun

Soon, you too will be able to fight for your life like Katniss Everdeen: The Hunger Games movie franchise is getting its own ride at a new Hollywood theme park in Dubai. » 3/31/15 12:30pm 57 minutes ago

If Your Children Were a Happy Accident, Why Not Just Tell Them? 

There is a video going around the Internet of a man finding out he is about to become a father. But instead of expressing pure joy or even the shock of fear, his response is bummed, surprised, and despondent, all mixed together. Some commenters feel putting this out there is a bad idea. I disagree. » 3/31/15 12:10pm Today 12:10pm

Have You Been Stalked By Jamie Dornan?

Jamie Dornan is not a serial killer, but he plays one on TV. And sometimes on the London Underground! The Irish actor told the Los Angeles Times that, in order to prepare for the first season of the BBC series The Fall, he briefly stalked a woman on the train. » 3/31/15 11:50am Today 11:50am

Azealia Banks Steals Your Man, Freezes Enemies in 'Ice Princess' Video

Azealia Banks dropped "Ice Princess," the newest video from her 2014 Broke With Expensive Taste LP. Like most of the album, the clip is weird in a good way, depicting Banks as a blue medusa commanding a frozen army. » 3/31/15 11:30am Today 11:30am

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Documentary About Malala Yousafzai Picked Up By Fox Searchlight

He Named Me Malala, a documentary about Malala Yousafzai directed by Davis Guggenheim will get a global release by Fox Searchlight. Right on. » 3/31/15 10:50am Today 10:50am

Fish Don't Want Your Birth Control Pills, Thanks

Bad news about birth control pills: they might keep you from getting pregnant/regulate your cycle/all that jazz, but they're causing reproductive problems in fish, who are picking up their chemical byproducts through sewage systems connected to waterways. » 3/31/15 10:10am Today 10:10am

Did Versace Just Rip Off Designs Kesh Made for American Apparel?

A few years ago, the artist, fashion designer, style icon, and it-girl Kesh was employed by American Apparel to create a really cool diffusion line of black-and-white graphic separates, defined by eyes and faces and rooted in a style that she's been proffering for years. The pieces were available at standard AA… » 3/31/15 9:50am Today 9:50am

Uh, Okay: A Live Action Mulan Remake Is Happening

Disney is once again forcing us to relive our childhoods, this time with a live-action film version of Mulan. » 3/31/15 9:30am Today 9:30am

Comedians Give Women's Cable Networks the 'Thank You' They Deserve

We're nearing the end of Women's History Month and, with that, comedy duo Emotistyle is giving some much needed gratitude to the television networks that empower us, tell our stories and routinely show us beating the shit out each other. » 3/30/15 11:40pm Yesterday 11:40pm

Julie Andrews' The Very Fairy Princess Will Become a TV Series

Julie Andrews is a busy lady. First she announced she'd be writing another memoir; now a picture book series she co-writes is being adapted into an animated TV series for preschoolers. Tell little miss Fancy Nancy she better WATCH HER BACK. » 3/30/15 10:55pm Yesterday 10:55pm

Darden Restaurants Sourced From Slave Labor [Update]

[UPDATE: This post contained numerous inaccuracies at time of posting: Thai Union apparently had issues with a single one of their own suppliers, whose fish was only used in pet food. Darden was not aware of the allegations at the time of sourcing from Thai Union, and since they only source farm-harvested shrimp from… » 3/30/15 10:24pm Yesterday 10:24pm

Michael Jackson Used to Anger Russell Crowe with Prank Phone Calls

Russell Crowe was recently profiled by The Guardian and while I recommend avoiding the article in general (unless you want to read the journalistic equivalent of making out with a Tiger Beat poster of your favorite celebrity while alone in your teen bedroom, only—TWIST—you're a writer who uses phrases like "gruff… » 3/30/15 9:40pm Yesterday 9:40pm

Your Dumbass Selfie Stick Just Got Banned from Coachella

Rejoice, for there is a God: "narcissistic" selfie sticks just got their dumb asses banned from Coachella and Lollapalooza. » 3/30/15 9:10pm Yesterday 9:10pm

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini Thanks 'Brave' Documentary Filmmakers

Former Scientologist Leah Remini thanked HBO documentary filmmakers behind Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief via Twitter earlier today, adding in an interview with People that she's "not trying to bash anybody, and I'm not trying to be controversial. I just want people to know the truth." » 3/30/15 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

Get a Free Month of Oyster Reading: Choose from Over One-Million Titles

Oyster, the streaming app often referred to as the Netflix for books, offers more than one-million titles to choose from instantly. Get a one-month free trial to explore and enjoy the selection. If you get hooked on the service after the trial, pay just $9.95/month. » 3/27/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm