Brit Awards Are British, Stylish

As the name implies, the Brit Awards attract some of the biggest boldfaces in the UK arts. But that doesn't mean that Rihanna and Bieber weren't there, too! And yes, the duds were eminently gawk-worthy.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishEven though it's all downhill from here (in the bad, Sisyphus way, not the easy-coasting way) let's start with Rihanna's absolutely rocking gown. Because doesn't it just put you in a good mood?

Brit Awards Are British, StylishSophie Ellis-Bextor, as a rule, has one of the most consistent of all aesthetics — a little Minnie, a little Peggy Sue Got Married. And who doesn't appreciate consistency in a naughty world? I mean, the woman has stayed true to her "Murder on the Dancefloor" roots, here!

Brit Awards Are British, StylishAlthough if we're applauding literal-retro consistency, I guess we gotta hand it to Paloma Faith, too.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishCorinne Bailey-Rae is like a stealth red-carpet star: not flamboyant, but always interesting and quietly cool.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishLet's talk about Adele. Specifically, the fact that she looks totally elegant.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishThis is the way to rock statement hair-color: by coordinating it subtly! Love how Ellie Goulding's combining with Old Hollywood 30s, and somehow it totally works.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishThe Biebs, who I have read is toughening up his image under the tutelage of some Usher-approved "swagger coach." Hence the jacket?

Brit Awards Are British, StylishSo, I'm normally kind of a fan of Fearne Cotton, sartorially-speaking, but this is all skewing a little 90s for me...seriously, didn't we all dance to "Wannabe" in some version of this dress? (I mean, those of you who weren't still forced to wear children's Laura Ashley dresses by your mothers because you were under 5' like some of us.)

Brit Awards Are British, StylishOn the one hand, Alesha Dixon's dress is seriously failing the fingertip test. On the other, she looks kind of smashing, so.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishWell, sure, maybe Heidi Range could have toned down the shoe, but just how swell is this Calder-esque belt?

Brit Awards Are British, StylishI'm not even going to suggest that Jessie J forgot her pants, when that's clearly an integral part of this Sexy Geico Gecco costume.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishRemember all those things we said about Ellie Goulding vis a vis statement hair and balance? Yeah, kind of the exact opposite applies to Avril Lavigne here.

Brit Awards Are British, StylishHofit Golan's outfit is so busy it's like the clothing equivalent of working three jobs while parenting five kids, and still managing to be an active member of two book clubs, an oenophile's society and several online communities with liberal commenting policies.

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