Sarah Palin Sells A Book; Suicides Among Struggling Writers Skyrocket

  • It's official: Sarah Palin is writing a book. It'll be out in the middle of next year, just in time for her re-election campaign. [USA Today]
  • Dick Cheney, still unable to shut up, endorsed Jeb Bush for President in 2012, therefore sealing the fate of Jeb Bush as a political has-been. [Politico]
  • Cheney's daughter Liz just wants everyone to stop being so mean to her daddy over his insistence that the U.S. torture people with more than his continued media presence. [LA Times]
  • The GOP has decided that the only party in favor of capitalist democracy is the Republican Party. [Politico]
  • Related: Michael Gerson says that the single distinguishing factor about the modern GOP is its singular desire to lose. [Washington Post]
  • The Senate might reject its first Obama nominee, some lower-level guy who would be in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the Interior Department. Apparently, unlike the Bush Administration nominees, this guy is opposed to handing out oil and gas leases based on who gives the best blow (jobs or otherwise). [Politico]
  • Nancy Pelosi probably shouldn't have lied about knowing nothing about waterboarding. [CBS News]
  • She and other Democrats think that the release of CIA documents proving that they knew about the torture is somehow vengeful. Correction: it's about showing that you've been lying, assholes. [Politico]
  • Robert Gibbs would Washington to know that all its lobbying for a Supreme Court nominee isn't doing anyone any good; plus, it's sort of annoying! [Politico]