Loose Lips Ladies, listen up: here are your grooming requirements if you want to date Diddy: "First order of business: Brazilian waxing. Also, he tells Allure : leg-waxing, brow-threading, manicure and pedicure." But, according to the Daily News , he's only asking for the same level of landscaping that he does on himself. "I shave and groom my private areas. It's a better presentation for me," Diddy says. "If men require women to go through the pain, we should return the favor." • Oh lawd, Courtney Love blogged 60 times in one day and accused her housekeeper of stealing. "Miriams [sic] a cow who is into black magic and took all she could." Um…okay. • Aw, Travis Barker is on the mend after surviving a plane crash in September. "I'm already playing my drums again and I'm already back in the studio," Barker says. [NYDN , Dlisted , People ]