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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Zooey Deschanel Loves Clothes, Channels Fraulein Maria

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Zooey to Topshop: " have a choice every day when you put on your clothes to present yourself to the world...Also, my first love was musicals like 'Singing in the Rain' and 'The Sound of Music'." [TopShop]
  • It's confirmed: Kate Moss will do another line for TopShop. Runners, to your marks! [WWD]
  • Alice Cooper, celebrity designer. We're predicting a lot of batwing sleeves. [WWD]
  • Vera Wang on her scaled-back Fashion Week: “It seems relevant today. I don’t want to seem irrelevant or unaware of what’s going on in the rest of the world — not just the fashion world...I finally made the decision last night based on many, many things. The intimacy of a smaller show feels much more appropriate for these times. I say that as a business owner, as a designer and as a person.” [WWD]
  • Donna Karan and Francisco Costa are "desperately" trying to scale down, too. [New York]
  • Stella McCartney, for her part, goes mobile: you can view her collections, use a store locator, cry from the comfort of your own home! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Will New York impose a luxury tax on items over $20 grand? Ooh, that'll hurt.[WWD]
  • The luxury downturn is, however, bad news for beaver trappers. [Reuters]
  • Mascara sales still up. Again: we're guessing the waterproof formula. [AdAge]
  • If like us you're inexplicably intrigued by other people's playlists: here's Rachel Roy. [Elle]
  • Did US Weekly rip off a WWD story? Shouldn't WWD be flattered? Maybe if it had been Vogue... [WWD]
  • While this video is dedicated to Debbie Harry reminiscing about Stephen Sprouse, it's really hard to move beyond her tee shirt. [New York]
  • The foundering U.S. textile industry makes its recommendations to Obama, hoping to cut down on imports. [WWD]
  • Elle Macpherson's sister might be bankrupt. Hope not, for her sake. []
  • Menswear designers are turning increasingly to womenswear. [WWD]
  • Conde Nast may have pulled the plug on holiday festivity, but damned if Vogue will be denied its party! They held a private (read: no underlings) soiree at the Oak Room; Anna "stayed nearly the entire time." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Isaac Mizrahi narrates a new Peter and the Wolf. Quoth the designer: “I’m such a ham, I just love doing this stuff!” [StyleFile]
  • Levi's sticks open flies all over NYC taxis. XYZ! [AdAge]