Zoo Puts Orangutan on Birth Control

A female orangutan at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has become the first non-human primate in the US to be implanted with a human birth control device. I hope she doesn't think it's okay to just whore around all over the place now. Just because she can't get pregnant doesn't mean that Orangu-God hasn't stopped damning lady apes to Orangu-Hell for having extramarital sex.

The young orangutan named Kitra has been given Implanon, a small cylinder about the size of a pencil lead that's implanted beneath the surface of the skin. The device is good for a few years before the hormones stop working.


Zookeepers say they gave Kira the device because they'd like her to breed, but not yet.

That orangutan's boobs are going to get gigantic.

Ohio orangutan first to get birth control in US [CBS]

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