Internet-famous author Zola has dreams of flipping her Twitter story into a lucrative career in Hollywood. It could happen because the world is make-believe so nothing’s real anyway.


Whether Zola’ story is autobiography, fiction or fable doesn’t matter.

According to TMZ, which refers to her as “Zola the Stripper,” thirsty outlets like MTV and Vice have expressed interested in working with Zola on a project based on her Twitter tale about sex work, murder and mayhem in Florida.


Zola says she’s also been contacted by the William Morris and various “independent filmmakers.” While Twitter already went ahead and casted her future project, Zola has a vision all her own:

Zola says she’d like her own TV series about her days as a dancer and wants Meagan Good or KeKe Palmer to play her.

Zola’s married to the guy from the saga and she’s expecting a kid. She tells us she hasn’t stripped since her wild weekend in March.


If not the next great Oscar winning film, this story is at least worth a storyline on Scandal.

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