In a completely unsurprising and yet still intensely nauseating development in the ongoing civil strife in Zimbabwe, members of President Mugabe's ruling party's (ZANU-PF) youth militia are kidnapping and raping young women at torture camps near Mudzi, north of the capital, Harare. The camps have resulted in an "unprecendented" 16 teenage pregnancies reported at the local hospital and are expected to result in a significant rise in the rate of HIV infection, but statistically probably won't do anything to the 34-year life expectancy of women in the country (averages are stubborn like that). The militia men intend to made Mudzi a zone without opposition party (MDC) members, which is obviously what you accomplish by running torture camps and raping and impregnating young women - more recruits. In other news, Mugabe is still the President, he may have all the MDC members arrested when they show up to take their seats in Parliament and the U.S. is issuing press releases condemning the whole thing while likely preparing for a ground war in Iran. [The Times, U.S. Department of State]

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