Ann Romney, she of the couple'a Cadillacs, the wife of an ex-governor finance millionaire who last year complained about being unemployed while bringing in over $20 million in income on interest, appeared on Fox News today to say some Oblivious, Tone Deaf Rich Lady things to the American people. Namely, that she doesn't feel wealthy at all, really.


Ann's husband Mitt has become famous for alternately acting like an improperly programmed robot and a manic youth pastor at a soup kitchen for troubled teens. He's also great at saying things that a chronically uncool, tragically out of touch rich guy would say in a cartoon. And to make matters worse, as luck would have it, the year that Romney would finally earn the GOP nomination (because, let's be honest with ourselves here: nominating Santorum would be GOP seppuku) would just so happen to be the year that America gets together and decides that it sort of hates rich people. Bad news for a family of living caricatures of rich people.

Anyway, here's Ann inexplicably telling people that she doesn't feel rich. Just like you, America!


She then blew her nose with one of the discount mink fur Kleenexes she's been reduced to using. Times are tough, after all.

Ann Romney: 'I Don't Even Consider Myself Wealthy' [ThinkProgress]

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