Zahara Smiles While Angelina Yearns For Adoption #4

Illustration for article titled Zahara Smiles While Angelina Yearns For Adoption #4

[New York, September 10. Image via Splash]


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@Feefles: Actually, this adoption business is why I initially started to be anti-Angie. People like her and Madonna could make a real difference by directing financial resources towards building up social welfare in the poorer countries, increasing fostering and local adoptions, creating meal and medical assistance programs for mothers and children, etc. Instead, they use shady adoption brokers who, more often than not, basically arrange for them to steal kids who have plenty of living relatives.

And sure, Pax, Maddox and Zahara are much better off living with an American movie star multimillionnaire than in poverty amongst their own people and with their own poor relatives, but I think such a viewpoint is a little too imperialistic and culturally superior.

Sorry to get on a soapbox. It's just that I know a bit too much about inter-country adoption to just find Angelina's adoption spree quite so cute and precious.