Zac Efron Is a Controlling 'Dictator' to His New Girlfriend

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Zac Efron, the High School Musical 2 actor who once sang "Everybody's talkin' at me/Everybody's tryna get in muh head," has reportedly been treating new girlfriend Sam Miro "like a dictator," controlling everything about her, down to what she wears and eats.


Via OkMagazine:

An insider exclusively told that [Efron] is micro-managing all aspects of Sami's life, giving her "a catalogue of instructions" from how she should look to how she should eat!

"Zac has been like a dictator with Sami ever since they went public," the source told OK! exclusively. "He's micro-managing everything from diet and exercise to her fashion and beauty, and it's driving her crazy!"

The report of his arguably abusive behavior lines up with a recently released blind item that many have attributed to Efron:

This young film actor seems to be doing more vacationing than working lately. On a recent trip, he was accompanied by a young woman. Some are saying that they are dating and that he is on a "love high."

Oh, he's high all right. But it's not on love!

If you were to look just beyond the cropped images of him with the girl, you might catch a glimpse of the person who is REALLY his main companion on this trip. This person is not a celebrity… but we know who he is! He is one of the scummiest, most notorious drug dealers in the world. He scores hard drugs – like c*caine and h*roin – for some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood when they travel. That he is a new close friend of our young and troubled actor is no coincidence.

Time to quit being a dick and get'cha head in the game, Zac.

[OK/Blind Gossip]

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I've tried coke, but what is this newfangled "c*caine" business???