Zac Efron and MTV to Explore New Concept of Young People Eating

“I love food! Give it to me!”
“I love food! Give it to me!”

Actor and eater Zac Efron is hosting an upcoming MTV special about millennials and food. But really it’s about much more than that.

Who better than Efron, a person who acts, travels and eats, to explain the world of food through the eyes of the people who love it the most—millennials. People reports (via Mashable):

Efron will “explore how food has moved to the center of millennial culture,” the network stated. “The project will look beyond the extravagant and obscure in food to explore the artistry, storytelling and journeys in what we eat, and the issues and experiences surrounding what we find on our plates.”


Food tastes good, it’s true. And there are lots of different ways to discuss food—there’s “food porn” and even an entire network dedicated to food that’s cleverly titled “Food Network.”

But for young people, food is uncharted terrain.

MTV Network president Sean Atkins says of Efron’s participation, “It’s not necessarily about the cuisine—like, ‘oh, I ate pig guts’ or ‘wow, this is the best steak I’ve ever had.’ It’s more about the cultural impact of food for our audience. He’s really passionate about it. He’s so excited about it.”

Jokes aside, this is a cool idea. No premiere date yet, but here’s a scene from the first episode.


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Everyone who ever eats pork sausage or hotdogs is eating pig guts. You’re welcome.