Yves Saint Laurent Dies At 71

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  • Fashion giant and world-famous monogram Yves Saint Laurent dies in Paris. [NY Times]
  • Unfortunately, his legacy is honored by the hiring of legally-challenged Naomi Campbell. [Daily Mail]
  • But then she goes bald! [The Sun]
  • NY Times employs appropriately dated Herbal Essences reference to describe SATC fashions. [NY Times]
  • ...although Herbal Essences is one of the few brands not aggressively promoted within the movie! [Vanity Fair]
  • Meanwhile, SJP "deceived" by elfin designer Olivier Theyskens into wearing a gown socialite Lauren Davis Santo Domingo sported at the Met last month. [NY Times]
  • The YSL-ousted Kate Moss acts like an angry baby at some regressive hipster birthday party. "First up, was a giant game of Pass the Parcel. Every time the music stopped Kate looked gutted when she wasn't left holding the prize," the source said. "And she also held on to the bundle for an indecently long period of time." [UPI]
  • …and is fired by Agent Provocateur. [The Sun]
  • Liz Claiborne reorganizes global sourcing to combat recession. [Financial Times]
  • "Most influential designer in the country" Tory Burch "has loved hippie chic since her younger years, when she was a kind of Dead Head lite who wore tie-dye T-shirts with Hermes scarves." [LA Times]
  • From his cold, dead hand: Roberto Cavalli not going easily. [WWD]
  • After rocky May, H&M back in the saddle. [Reuters]
  • Queen Latifah addresses the severe shortage of celebrity fragrances.[WWD]
  • "Stylist Aristotle Circa" has suspiciously awesome name. [LA Times]
  • And, oh yeah: Flip-flops are bad for your feet. [USA Today]

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I getcha, and there are people who are highly paid to ensure that they provide starlets with gowns that haven't yet been worn by others. It's a livelihood! It's a big deal! But while I'm sure it's no fun to find out the the dress you're wearing to a big event is not unique to you, the polite thing to do would to just gracefully avoid the issue rather than sound even remotely petulant about it. This coming on the heels of her interview deploring all that's vulgar in this over-commercialized world makes her sound even more hollow.

I'm sorry, SATC is mildly enjoyable and you have to respect the woman for helping to build such a significant empire. It's undeniable that she's both a talented actress and a savvy businesswoman. But she's also dangerously overexposed at this point in time.

I hate to sound like a sour sally because here I am, commenting on a SATC blog entry again, but I really can't wait for all of this to die down so we can dish about something else again. Maybe you've gotta be in NYC to help enjoy this atmosphere, but I'm over here in California getting VERY sick of the press for this movie.