YUM! OKCupid Is Grouping People Into 'Flavors' Now to Keep Them Clicking

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OkCupid is launching a feature called Flavors this week that involves grouping people into specific categories based on personality traits. It sounds yummy.


OkCupid profiles—which already take about 40 hours to fill out—are only half the battle of meeting and forcing yourself to love someone. According to OKCupid, the quirky new Quickmatch Flavors feature is meant to “explore how to reinforce what makes people unique. Personality and opinions matter when it comes to connecting with people.”

The option lets OkCupid users identify themselves using specific Flavors, including Gym Rats, Beard Lovers, Kinky Nerds and Hipster Vegans. OkCupid describes it as “curated groups of people”:

When people fill out OkCupid profiles, they answer questions that tell us about their personality. This information not only helps us match the right people, but also enables us to group people with similar traits — which is how we were able to create a variety of Flavors. You could think of this project like playlists of people, which was the developer’s original inspiration.

After some initial testing, OKCupid found the personality-based flavors to be most effective:

For instance, Best In Show (stylish dog owners) performed poorly as owning a dog and being fashionably-savvy doesn’t reveal someone’s characteristics. But personality-rich categories like Kinky Nerds (high on the kinky and nerdy axes) and Hipster Vegans (high on the hipster axis, have specific diet preferences) performed better, as those produced a consistent ‘type’ of person.

They also learned that the language of each Flavor matters, so “Gym Rats” wasn’t particularly appealing to people, but “Kinky Nerds” was because it sounds sexy.

A similar connotative observation: although aptly named, Grand Old Partiers (Republicans who love drinking) received the poorest satisfaction rate, but that wasn’t a yuge surprise as our user base leans left.


Tasty. Flavors is OkCupid’s more refined approach to modern dating. But does knowing this many details about a person ahead of time not ruin the idea of dating?

An OKCupid rep’s press announcement sent to me this morning reads: “This feature is designed to counter the one-dimensionality of swipe dating apps, allowing users to also see a snapshot of someone’s personality at first glance.” Tinder has been popular for a reason and thus OKCupid wants to combat it with a more personalized experience than swiping, but also because all of these dating apps are running out of ideas to keep people hooked.


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I was half-expecting that they’d actually use ice cream flavors. Just what would a butter pecan person be?