You've Seen Our Brain On Drugs. This Is Our Brain On What Could Be Construed As A "Cry For Help"

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Whenever we see something like this bra picture while in the midst of a hangover this colossal, we go mildly crazy for not having the neuron activity to muster anything beyond an OMFG!!! Well, Glamour's Edgy English Teacher had our kind of night: Food you'd only ever eat drunk, live music, texts from exes reading "I kind of want to fuck" and then, "Was that off-putting?" (Um, should it be?) and absolutely no Bolivian Marching Powder whatsoever. Anyway Glamour blogger Mike Cherico posted this picture of his ex's bra. We'd do the same but um we don't actually know where we even are much less our fucking cameraphone. Which reminds us! There are some other things we've been meaning to try and make jokes about but fuck it we're hopeless today. After the jump, our wan attempt.

  • So guess what? Someone from the Cheney Administration leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press. Bush just said so himself! For the first time. Wow, we feel like we knew this already but maybe it was just a dream..
  • We really hate it when a country's richest people are termed "middle class" by companies looking to sell them creme eyeshadow. Tell that to the fucking billion or so people making the $800 a year median income, bitches.
  • A new group called Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia is getting all the blame for the Iraqmire. Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia didn't exist before 9/11 but the name totally makes it sounds like they've been around since the Pyramids. It reminds us of how Abercrombie & Fitch shirts always say "Est. 1898" even though Abercrombie was a little hunting shop until the Dawson's Creek era.
  • Sometimes people post shit online that they regret later on in the workplace capacity. If they are crazy, like say, the types to eschew all animal products after age 22 and set their own salaries at $1 a year, then you know, it's even more likely.
  • Sienna Miller and Steve Buschemi are the only people in this movie which we kind of want to see because that probably means there weren't enough people working on the film to fuck it up.
  • Um, yeah.

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because you have to register to comment on glamour i will comment here instead...who gives a f (re:bra) at least it's a cute bra my bras are the foamy types great when you want perky horrible when you want to get some