You've Got Mail! And Something Else...

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There's a website that allows you to anonymously send an e-card to the people you've slept with in order to alert them to the fact that you have an STD and that they should probably get tested., which was created by the San Francisco Internet Sexuality Information Services, hopes to provide an easy and responsible solution for people who need to notify former (current?) partners that they may have been exposed to an STD. [Reuters]



@Trashtastic: really sorry hon. I'm all for you enjoying knowing they're a festering cesspool of disesase.... and not telling them.... then again telling them this way and making it very embarassing would be totally hilarious!

Talking about STD's is very tricky.... I mean in a normal context w/o cheating and all. I think geting a cop out one of these is better than a real cop out and not knowing... I mean we all know we should get tested frequently, but how many of us after every new partner run out and get tested? please don't let me be the only one that doesn't. And am I the only one that doesn't always trust condoms even if they seem to have worked properly?

Don't miss my picking up guys days. (nights?).

random sex can be fun. but I found it stressful. Or maybe that is just now, after the fact.