After news broke on the potentially fathomless depths of sexual assault in the military, women from the various service branches have come forward with harrowing stories of their assault allegations being either ignored or covered up. For some women, sexual assault was just the beginning of a long nightmare that could possibly include retaliation for speaking out or, in acutely horrifying instances, psychological profiling that would then serve as the basis for eventual military discharge. As more servicewomen decide to share their experiences in an effort to raise awareness about military sexual misconduct, more venues are opening to them, including a new YouTube channel called WIGS, which, starting Monday, will feature a three-part series on sexual assault in the military called "Lauren."


Flashdance star Jennifer Beals along with Troian Bellisario will be featured in the series, which chronicles military women seeking justice for sexual assault. The Defense Department estimates, however, that these women may merely constitute the dorsal fin of a large and menacing problem — as many as 86 percent of sexual assault cases may go unreported because victims fear that their careers will be adversely affected by bringing accusations forward, and nobody really trusts the current military justice system to deal with these cases effectively.

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