YouTube Rape Teen May Actually Be Victim Of Girl-On-Girl Crime

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"The Smoking Gun" has court documents that detail the story of Crystal, the Florida teenager who turned to YouTube after her rape case was dropped in by prosecutors. And it just might be a case of girl-on-girl crime. In police interviews, the 16-year-old describes meeting Casey Mundling (pictured), 23, at a party in 2007. She was 15 at the time. She told investigators, "I wanted a guy in my life 'cause my mom's boyfriends have never been there for me. And my dad wasn't there so I thought alright he's older maybe he'll respect me, but it didn't go like that." She accuses Mudling of "always getting" her "drunk, high on cocaine and pills" before they had sex. Crystal also says that Mundling threatened to harm her and her family if "she said anything to anyone." Last June, Crystal went to the hospital because she "was upset and tried to commit suicide."


But there are notations on this case from the State Attorney's office: Even though Mundling was arrested, the prosecutor was reluctant to move forward, writing that Crystal's father "wants this to be prosecuted. I really don't know the reason. He has full knowledge of [his daughter's] lifestyle and his is similar." Just who was the prosecutor on this case? A woman named Nicole Pegues, A woman didn't want to send a 23-year-old man to jail for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Documents show that Pegues sent an e-mail to the sheriff's office that read: "I guess I have to charge this case." She was dragging her feet, to say the least. Pegues eventually declined to file a case against Mundling "due to the consensual nature of the sexual encounter" and the fact that Crystal "was a mere 1 month from her 16th birthday" when she began having sex with him. Is this a case of numbness that can come from an overwhelmed, overworked court system? Or did Nicole Pegues take one look at Crystal's "lifestyle" — broken home, drugs, older men — and figure the young girl had gotten what she deserved?

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@LadyPants formerly girlfromthenorthcountry: I know! Like, what part of that is not illegal? Where does the "not prosecuting" part come in?