YouTube Commenters Weigh In On Michael Jackson's Ghost

On July 2, Larry King Live aired a tour of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, during which the "ghost" of MJ made an appearance. The clip was uploaded to YouTube. The comments enlighten us on paranormal activity/the state of modern literacy.



Sixten77poopie: oh shit he's back

1deviousbastard: This kind of ghost is called a "Shadow Person". They have been sighted throughout history. I don't think it looks like MJ but I doubt this is a fake shadow person because it is not upon a wall. It is also upright and does not have any bends in it. A person's shadow would stretch across the floor and then up the walls which this clearly doesn't do. CGI is the only explanation I can think of for a fake. BUT it was on live TV could be the real deal.

ElastigirlBLUD: My friend - a devoted Michael Jackson fan - just saw his face in the clouds. She says he smiled at her, and morphed into wings and flew away. She wouldn't lie. Then she watched this video, and saw him again, but sleeping. I believe this is MJ. CNN wouldn't ruin their rep with a stunt like this.

Gusypolarbear: ha yea, i feel sorry for people that dont believe in spirits, so much prove in the world, and people still say its fake, ha thats funny. Ghost exist people!!! stop putting excuses down


ScarlettTait: That is no shadow guys, i have seen 2 spirits before and thats exactly what they look like! Michael Jackson will go on forever! I,m glad he still walks the halls of his home

frankster1500: if u look closely yeah the gost is walking toward a door it's not gtting smaller or bigger do you see it's a ghost and the non believers have to believe that they where wrong
btw i didnt likes his music but the ghost is fucking real you see that's my point</blockquoteNON-BELIEVERS

Sarlomus: It's fake.. don't destroy his carrier with this

ayanatajana: Honestly how can people believe that figure is Michael Jackson? when you die you either go to Haven or Hell and you stay there, This is the work of the Devil, just playing tricks on you to scare you, Michael is in a better place and hes not here to scare you,

tannguyen1981: after haviing watched this video, i received a strange phone call...
okay, sorry for this bad joke. I couldn't resist. But really guys, if this video is fake, you must tell it to the world. If you don't, you will cause much troubles among different religious groups; and this is no joke at all. michael jackson fans, please don't believe it too much.

Darkderya: MJ wasn´t FAT, and this "ghost" is FAT. Look closer, left side from fireplace. Hmm AND I don´t think that a ghost have a shadow. But belive what you want.

ScoooobzTuuuube: michael jackson is whiter then that ghost... fake

edvardukas111: M,J is died so don't try fake us

AmericanMatthew: How can it be that MJ walks as a ghost when his brain was removed of his cranium? Without a brain it is impossible to walk as a Ghost around. Or what do you think about?


hollistar195: lol freaky but duno if to believe it tho mj hmmm mayb mayb not i dont fink so its a shodow person

kaylahOXOX: i know this might sound a bit "nutty" but i have never truely beleived in ghosts for it is known that once the body takes its last breath the soul is taken to another place... heaven or hell i have no idea but that image could well be a satanic image (demon) posing as michael jackson to turn us away from god i guess. just another opinion to throw in the muck.

cerbman1: This is probably fake, but if not, could it be a past event bleeding through from another time? this kind of thing happens in my household at times, but I must add that although MJ has visited my city, he has never visited me lol.

iam92w: this is so STUPID, just let him rest.. just think: if this is real, i am so sorry for MJ. aren't ghosts the 'spirits' of those who have died, have not 'passed over' and are trapped inside the property where their memories and energy are strong? that doesn't sound like much fun

married151: If in any way this video is not a hoax the logical explanation for what you are seeing is a demon posing as Michael Jackson to throw off humans about the real truth about what happens when you die.


TheTruth226: dude if there was another person there how would there be a shadow if there was never berly light there dumbass and if it was a persons shadow from the window then it would show up on the wall not the fucken hallway

spanjalex: I didn't know that grass could grow in that types of environments. Especially not with that girth.

ryanburke2kaii8: it might be fake...but if it was the shadow of som1 else it wud of trailed bak to the person standing at the door and it wud b a much stronger shadow also you wud not be able to see the feet and the shadow or even the spirit of michael is walking in the opposite..if its fake they shud just leave him alone hes dead now they should leave him rest in peace..


maju8788: naaaa
death people are death
and they dont know nothing
its a fallen angel


married151: King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived on earth, tells us that death is closely related to sleep. We do not love or hate, we do not work or conspire, we can do nothing in death because there is no immortal soul or spirit that resides after death.

uberd0gAlpha: King Solomon knew shit. "We do not love or hate" when sleeping? Really? Really? You mean we don't dream about loving and hating? Coz I'm pretty fucking sure I do!

macman851: He was talking about when we are asleep in our graves, not alseep in our beds.
That's what Sheol means, the grave. For some reason they had a hard time translating that in the King James version of the Bible, but Jesus explained it with Lazarus.


gotohellfast: It could be the ghost of a molested child...

Zomaak: That YOU molested?
Grow up, you cunt fucker.

gotohellfast : "Grow up, you cunt fucker."
Yes, I'm a "cunt fucker".
What do YOU fuck ?


crazymonkeyvince: its a shame that he isn't moonwalking:(

Troyster21: It would have been better if the shadow moonwalked backwards

Towefin: I'd be more impressed if the shadow moon-walked.

SpaardaLT: HE MOONWALKED PAST CAMERa o.O there are no ghosts actually... its just imagination its as dumb as dragons and vampires would exist... Remember you are the most evolved animal on earth... monkeys dont believe in ghosts.. you shouldnt too

1andyshore1: ahhh would have been so much better if he moonwalked acrooss instead of just a regular walk! dissapointed jackson!!

274933259: That isnt MJ, MJ WOUld be moonwalking trough his house. DOn't you ppl know anything!

geekgirl45: If it were Michael's ghost, don't you think he'd moonwalk across instead of sulk across the threshold?

LuaLua0101: rofl ur all retards its real cant u see his hat on the top and the moonwalk

foreverdanie: lol yeah if it was MJ, he'd be moonwalking across the room, to let ppl knw it's still his house lol


zirgelis123: atrodo tikroviskai, gerai padirbejo kazkas :)

kerenciiiiiiita: xq ponen esa canción?? estaba a todo volumen!. Bueno es su habitación de hecho es el . :(

pzh21: jajaja yac! la musica asii de suspensoo para q te de miedoo! :O jaja
pss kien sabe si sera MJ!! :O

And if all of that wasn't enough, check out these flakes, who believe they can see Michael Jackson in their tree:



Forgive me, but I do not see shit in that tree stump.

And modern literacy? Ha. You are funny.