Above is a hilarious clip from YouTube of a character β€” a Long Island, NY chatty mother β€” that this guy Clay Weiner created by dressing up in a wig, housecoat and mom shades. Seriously, he is so spot on with his interpretation of this kind of woman. You might remember his other clip, "The Christmas Tree", which was a little short of the same character obsessed with her beautiful Christmas tree. In "The Phone Call," the mom gossips on the phone all day long while she does her chores and uses the toilet, dragging the phone cord all over the house. I personally relate to this, as my mom always had the phone attached to her face and completely ignored us when we tried to ask her questions, or when my sister and I were beating the shit out of each other. We would hear her say to whomever was on the other end, "Oh, let them kill each other. What the hell do I care?"

The Phone Call [YouTube]