You're Not Having A "Midlife Crisis"

"There is no age in life that predisposes you to having a crisis," says a Swiss lifespan researcher commenting on findings released this week. But if the idea of a Midlife Crisis is debunked, then what was John Updike talking about when Rabbit ran? Was Rabbit just being a dick?


It turns out that what we thought were age-related life crises stem from events that are totally unrelated to our ages- sudden stress caused by a death in the family or by professional upheaval, by money woes or health problems. When the stress stars align, occasionally crises follow, but researchers found no sudden spike in those stresses at any particular age.

I guess this means that your boss started screwing his 23 year old secretary because he had an appendectomy.

Better with age? Midlife crises are a myth. [MSNBC]

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