You're Going To Need This Puppy To Get Through The News

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  • The Bidens plan to add to their household by getting another puppy from the pound. Double puppy snuggles! [Huffington Post]

Rod Blagojevich says he's, like, totally innocent and is definitely not going to resign so that he has something to offer prosecutors in his eventual plea deal [Politico]

  • Hillary's pay cut is final. [CNN]
  • In better news, she might create a post at the State Department for Iran outreach, without even insisting that Iran accede to all our demands first [Washington Independent]
  • Plenty of people seem to be ticked about Ron Kirk's appointment to USTR because he's not anti-trade enough. [The Hill]
  • James Carville is trying to get more donations for Media Matters, since it's difficult to raise money in this economic climate, and is using the conservatives linking Obama and Blagojevich to do it. [The Hill]
  • Al Sharpton is defending the selection of Rick Warren to say a prayer at the inauguration, since he hasn't gotten enough media attention by meeting with Caroline Kennedy this week. [Huffington Post]
  • Al Franken is up in the Minnesota Senate recount, though, which might end by 2010. [Think Progress]
  • Bush unveiled his auto bailout, but Ford's not opting in [BBC]
  • The National Portrait Gallery unveiled the portraits of George and Laura Bush. Laura's got some sort of soft focus thing going on that Barbara Walters hopes to patent in film-format soon. [National Portrait Gallery]



But where is the Warren outrage?

Did the puppy negate the angst?