Ok, so we know that the way we run comments is a little, like, confusing, because it totally took us a week or a day or something to get approved as a commenter ourselves (and in the meantime, of course, we forgot what we wanted to say to ourselves.) Anyhow, you have to audition. It's actually a pretty intuitive process but if you don't get it we have a Commenter FAQ. Also, if you're friends with us, or just want to pretend like you met us at a party and we were drunk, you can email us to fast-track the approval process, although by "fast" we sometimes mean "slow." When you're done, however, you will have the power to make us form crushes on you, just like Andromache did!

we're switching to 2% now? oh, hell no. those anorexic "bitchelorettes" (I'm totally stealing that word, thanks) will continue to get whatever I decide they deserve that day. people don't realize that you never mistreat those who make your food/drink. oh you wanted sugar-free vanilla? oops, I used the regular vanilla instead! my bad! you wanted a "light" mocha frappuccino? oops, my bad! I used the regular!


We'll post more of our favorite comments after we, um, maybe shower.