Your Saturday Cry: A Teen Girl's Eye-Drenching Testimony for Marriage Equality

After over six hours of testimony on Thursday, the New Jersey state Assembly approved legislation that would allow for same-sex marriage (don't worry, Governor Chris Christie has already promised to veto this nonsense). During the course of the day, 15-year-old Madison Galluccio testified before the Assembly, making an emotional case for her fathers' right to be married:

I do have to say that New Jersey has made me feel discriminated, like I'm some sort of outcast. But guess what New Jersey? I'm no outcast. I am Madison Galluccio, and I am part of the Galluccio family.

My parents will be married, and I will make sure that this happens till the day that I die.


You might want to give your wet face a second to de-puff before you go run those errands.

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